269 Hazel - Students! 1 min to WLU! BIG rooms! Groups or singles!

269 Hazel Street, Waterloo, ON

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Building Overview

Only steps to both WLU+UW! Two full units available - one two level, one three level - rent entire unit or rent by the bedroom - Singles and groups of all sizes welcome! Front house is five bedroom, two bathroom unit that includes large living room,kitchen, and laundry!  

Property address: 269 HAZEL ST WATERLOO ON   N2L 3P1

September start date.
All room renter sex's are subject to change. All sex's are welcome. 
Front unit comes with fridge, microwave, and stove
Both units have access to common area washer and dryer with each machine is currently only $1.25 per load! 

Three parking spots available on a first to rent basis. 
Parking spot #1 - $25 per month
Parking spot #2 - $25 per month
Parking spot #3 - $25 per month

Rent includes utilities (water, water heater, heat, gas, electricity)
Rent includes snow clearing, grass cutting, and landscaping all done for renters by the property owner!
Rent does not include TV, internet, or phone. Renters can choose to hook this up and pay for it as they prefer. Most renters often coordinate with the other people living there and purchase an internet plan together to split among themselves. This will depend on the type of plan and what is agreed though it is often around $60 per month so around $12 per per person per month if renters split this among five people in a unit.

No furniture is included however landlord will provide if requested at time of lease signing: 
Desk  -$13 more per bedroom per month - Type / size / colour to be of landlord's choosing
Bed - $30 more per bedroom per month - A double or twin size, as landlord prefers unless renter requests to property owner prior to purchase, mattress and box spring and/or bed frame (landlord to determine if box-spring, bed frame, or both will be provided at landlord's discretion).
Landlord will have up to two weeks after move in to provide furniture, though can likely provide this prior or within a few days.
Landlord will try to provide furniture prior to move in however depending on date of leasing, furniture availability, and when prior tenant's move out this might not be possible.
Landlord has right to provide tenant delivery company phone number for tenant to be responsible for coordinating delivery time (landlord will pay for this if so)

Front unit:
Two upstairs bedrooms - $499 each 
Main floor bedroom - $469
Two basement bedrooms - $419 each

Back unit:
Three main floor bedrooms - $525 each
Two basement bedrooms - $459 each

Rent includes water / water heater / electricity / gas FREE in rent! 

For photographs, floor plans, and 3D tours of each unit please click the links below

  • Security is here! All bedrooms have individual key locks.
  • Enjoy easy, hassle free living with snow clearing, grass cutting, and landscaping all done for renters by the property owner!
  • Enjoy worry free renting! Caring property owner is accessible and lives nearby.
  • Keep cool during the warmer months- Air conditioning is included!
  • CLEAN units - All units are well cleaned for your prior to occupancy! They are also easy to keep clean while you live there with great roommates!

Contact Information: Please contact Hoffaco Property Management to arrange to view this property in person or answer any of your questions at www.hoffaco.com - rent@hoffaco.com - Please include your phone number and address of interest when contacting us.

Information on renting with animals with Hoffaco Property Management:
Here at Hoffaco we love animals but ask that renters with animals read the following in detail prior to arranging a viewing.  

When renting by the unit we are okay if you have pets as long as they do not bother any other resident in the building in any way (noise, smell, allergies), do not create a need for extra electricity or water usage, do not create extra insurance costs or risks of leaks (such as large aquariums), do not violate any laws or by-laws, are allowed in condominium rules if a condominium, do not damage the property (inside or out),

When renting by the bedroom in addition to the above you have to ensure that all other people renting in the unit are okay with the pet. Note our approval of a renter with a pet doesn't guarantee that you will be allowed to have a pet while renting with us. Your roommates might not be okay with the pet and you might not be allowed to bring it on the property or anywhere in the unit or bedroom. With this, if you have pets and are renting by the bedroom it is recommended you assume you will not be able to bring your pets unless you get all renters permission and note the renter's permission, and who you rent with, is subject to change.

The renter needs to contain the pet at all times when we or anyone else enters the unit and when on the property. The renter cannot at any time restrict our or anyone else's access to any area of the property because of a pet. The renter needs to ensure the pet is on leash under renters control whenever outside the unit and ensure they do not damage the rental, exterior property, or bother anyone.

Please note application to lease requires: 

  • Email transfer, Bank draft, money order or certified cheque for deposit for the amount of one month rent (eventually can apply toward last month rent) is required with rental application. Cash is not accepted. Please make bank draft payable to Ronald Kuepfer.


Parking available for extra as availability allows

Location and Community Description

One of the best locations a student renter can find. Only a few minute walk to WLU! Fast walk to UW too! Close to shops of all kind including bars, restaurants, grocery, and more! Check the map on Hoffaco Website and view today!