23 High - WLU+UW Students love it! BIG Yard + Furniture + Free Utilities + Internet!

23 High St, Waterloo, ON

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Building Overview

The information for this location is valid to April 2018 only, If viewing after that time please email for current information. 
CLEAN space that university renters will want! Walk or bus to WLU and UW and after enjoy a beautiful yard. Lots of free parking +  Super cheap price = will rent very fast. Email Hoffaco now to with your phone number to view in person!
Utilities: Gas/ water/ hydro/ heat/ water heater and INTERNET and PARKING and select FURNITURE are all included FREE in rent! Telephone, and TV are not included in rent. These services can be ordered by renters or not as they prefer. 
We are renting by the entire unit only - We are NOT renting by the bedroom 

Sorry unit A just rented! - Unit A- 4 Bed unit  -  (main floor) - May start date - $ per month - Enjoy staring at strangers? You'll love the great front porch! If renters choose to split this equally between four people this amounts to an average of $ per person! If renters choose to split this equally between three people this amounts to an average of $ per person!
Sorry unit B just rented! Unit B  3 Bed unit  - (basement floor, has own entrance from exterior back and good window size at back) - May start date - $ per month - Huge space for little $$$'s.  If renters choose to split this equally between three people this amounts to an average of $
Sorry unit C just rented!
Unit C  - Bachelor apartment - (partial top floor, has own entrance from exterior back) - May start date - $ per month - Have an entire apartment to yourself for super cheap!!!

Even more reasons to live here!

  • Live in comfort! FREE AC for units A and B!  Two fans in unit C!
  • Feel safe and secure! Bedrooms feature key locks.
  • Relax - no work here! Snow shoveling + lawn mowing are coordinated to be done for the tenants! 
  • Enjoy the sun! Big backyard available to be used by all units. A great place to read a book or enjoy a meal!
  • Study and watch easier! Internet is unlimited, from PRIMUS, which uses Rogers's lines. It is up to 150 MB per second, it is very fast!
  • Keep your bike safe and lasting longer!  Protect it from the elements and eye's - renters can lock up a bicycle in the area that was formerly the garage. 

Floor plans for all three units, with approximate measurements taken from the largest point of each room, can be viewed by clicking here!

For unit A and unit B the following furniture is included:
Each bedroom comes with a bed, mattress, desk, and chair.
Select bedrooms come with night stands and wardrobes.
Kitchen table
Unit A living room - In living room two leather sofa's, one fabric sofa, lights, table, large TV
Unit B living room – Sofa, lights, etc.
For unit B, bedroom 3 an exception – Furniture is optional as you the renter prefers. Currently the landlord hasn't provided the furniture for it. If future renters want any of a bed and/or desk and/or chair this can be provided by the landlord (type of landlord's choice) for free.
For unit C - Furniture is negotiable for free. The unit can be rented with no furniture, or the unit can be rented with a bed, desk, and chair added for free, and potentially other items. You, the potential renter, needs to email when requesting the lease documents if you want any furniture included what you'd like. From there the property owner can advise if they can provide all items you requested or which items.The property owner is happy to help and will consider requests if reasonable, though might have concerns on specific items and can advise when emailed. 

Included appliance list by unit:
Unit A - Includes two fridges / freezers - Stove - Microwave - Washing machine (free) - Dryer ($2 per load)
Unit B - Includes one fridge / freezer - Stove - Microwave - Washing machine (free) - Dryer ($2 per load) 
Unit C - Includes one fridge / freezer (note smaller size) - Stove (note smaller size) - Microwave. Sorry, no washer or dryer included is available for unit C. 
None of the units include dishwashers.

Property address: 23 High St WATERLOO ON   N2L 3X4 - This is a house like structure with three units.
The main floor is one unit and can be accessed from a front exterior door. It is known as unit A.
The basement level is one unit and can accessed from a back exterior door. It is known as unit B.
A partial top level is one unit and can be accessed from a back exterior door. It is known as unit C.
The former garage has been converted to storage and is not included in rent.

Interested in signing a lease for 23 High Street, Waterloo? Here is what you need to know:
Please email Hoffaco with the name, phone number, and email address of everyone that would be renting with you and we can send you lease documents with instructions.

Pets are loved though they need to be:  Contained at all times in crate or on leash under renters control when we or anyone else enter the property, be legal, be agreed to be allowed by all renters living in the unit, not cause any additional costs such as not use additional electricity, pets cannot damage the property inside or outside, pets cannot bother anyone - including but not limited to landlord, workers, other renters in the unit, renters in other units, people in other locations - for any reason (including for reasons of allergies, noise, or other reasons), immediately and thoroughly cleaned up after inside and out by the renter. Note that if there are any scratch or marks made to floors, walls, cabinets, digging or damage to the exterior, damage anywhere in the interior, or anything else this requires the renter to be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement and immediately notify us for safety reasons.

Many of Hoffaco's rentals have a four year lease date but only require a minimum 12 month commitment. The lease is worded in that allows you to end tenancy every 12 months but requires you to provide advanced written notice to do so. There is no fee to end tenancy. 

Email transfer for deposit for the amount of one month rent (eventually can apply toward last month rent) is required with the application to lease. All other payment methods such as Cheque, Cash, pre-authorized payment, and account transfer are not accepted. Non-certified cheques can be accepted for monthly rent payments if they consistently clear but not for initial deposit. 


Parking is included free when renting the entire unit.
Unit A - Two parking spaces (behind each other) - Approximately center with enough space to allow for safe parking of other units on both sides
Unit B - Two parking spaces (behind each other) - Far right side of driveway 
Unit C - Two parking spaces (behind each other) - Far left side of driveway

Location and Community Description

Save time and money and enjoy a happier life when living on High Street!
It is only a few minutes walk to both King Street North and Columbia Street West allowing for easy access to bus routes, University of Waterloo, and Wilfird Laurier University.
There are many shops in walking distance including Bars, Restaurants, Pizza, Banks, Convenience stores, and a McDonalds.
Check a map and email to see your future home in person today.