185 Regina - Students! Full detached house! 1 Minute Walk to campus! FREE Utils!

185 Regina St. N., Waterloo, ON

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Building Overview

Entire spacious fully detached house for rent. Two levels of space with two large living rooms, two bathrooms, five bedrooms, and a big eat-in sized kitchen.
Nice yard with mature trees.
Exceptional location within a few minute walk from WLU and shops. 

Start Date: May start date. 12 month minimum commitment. 
Address: 185 REGINA ST N WATERLOO ON   N2J 3B4
Number of renters:The entire house is for rent for a group of five (or four if you want to pay more per person). 

Rent price by the entire house: $2420 per month -  utilities such as water – water heater – gas – electricity – heat are all included FREE in rent. Internet, cable, and phone are not included in rent. These services may be ordered by renters as they prefer 


  • Free parking on driveway is included when you rent the entire house!
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors and people watching with the front porch and the beautiful mature treed yard available at this location!
  • Utilities (water, heat, gas, hot water tank, and electricity) are included FREE in rent!
  • Two fridge freezers / stove / washer + dryer (free, no coins!) are all included free in rent!
  • Your home is thoroughly and professionally cleaned for you prior to occupancy.
  • Enjoy worry free renting! We have workers available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency maintenance assistance.
  • Enjoy easy, hassle free living with snow clearing, grass cutting, and landscaping all professionally done for renters!
  • Security is here! Key locks are on bedrooms or can be added for you by Landlord if not already. 
  • Property is not furnished by landlord however landlord might consider providing furniture for an extra negotiable amount per month. If after viewing you'd like to rent email us what furniture you'd require and what you'd be willing to pay for it and we can discuss from there.

Interested in signing a lease with Hoffaco? Here is what you need to know:
Hoffaco loves pets though pets must: be contained at all times in crate or on leash under renters control when we or anyone else enter the property, be legal, be agreed to be allowed by all renters living in the unit, not cause any additional costs such as not use additional electricity, pets cannot damage the property inside or outside, pets cannot bother anyone - including but not limited to landlord, workers, other renters in the unit, renters in other units, people in other locations - for any reason (including for reasons of allergies, noise, or other reasons), immediately and thoroughly cleaned up after inside and out by the renter. Note that if there are any scratch or marks made to floors, walls, cabinets, digging or damage to the exterior, damage anywhere in the interior, or anything else this requires the renter to be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement and immediately notify us for safety reasons.

Many of Hoffaco's rentals have a four year lease date but only require a minimum 12 month commitment. Where this is applicable, the lease is worded in that allows you to end tenancy every 12 (or X) months but requires you to provide advanced written notice to do so. There is no fee to end tenancy. 

Bank draft, money order or certified cheque for deposit for the amount of one month rent (eventually can apply toward last month rent) is required with rental application. You can get these in person at a bank teller or at a Canada Post office. Cash, email transfer, pre-authorized payment, and account transfer are not accepted. Non-certified cheques can be accepted for monthly rent payments but not for initial deposit. Please contact Hoffaco through email for a copy of the lease documents and information on who to make payment payable to prior to preparing any payment. Please write on the note of the payment - bottom left - the unit and address the deposit is for, and all renters first and last names. Monthly rent payments can be made by one cheque only for the total rent. Multiple cheques from multiple people is not allowed. You do not have to, though it is recommended that your group can pay by one monthly cheque by getting a joint back account together however you can also have one person issue payment monthly and the remainder transfer them funds in advance to cover the cost.  

Room Sizes: 
To view the floor plan, dimensions, and 360 degree photos click here:  https://youriguide.com/185_regina_st_n_waterloo_on 


Contact Information:
Please contact Hoffaco Property Management to arrange to view this property in person or answer any of your questions at: www.hoffaco.com - rent@hoffaco.com - Please include your phone number and address of interest when contacting us. Contact through email is preferred. 

Location and Community Description

Only a few minute walk to Wilfrid Laurier University and many bus routes, shops on King St. and University Avenue! 
185 Regina is also a fast walk to University of Waterloo, uptown Waterloo, and Waterloo Park.
Please take a look at  the map on the Hoffaco site for many walkable attractions.
You will not need a car when you live here, though there is a driveway for parking if you have one.